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I am a house
With many rooms to explore
And many doors to open
Although some are closed
And some are even locked
You might be able to glimpse through the keyhole
Catching a glimpse of what’s behind
What happens when the lights are off?
There are many nooks and crannies,
Many corners with a sundry of surprises.
There are lots of shelves and cabinets,
Not so much filled with clutter per say,
But a slightly organized chaos of curiosities.

There are many half-forgotten treasures buried in chests -
Or slipped in the cracks beneath the floor boards -
Or locked away in little vaults behind paintings.

Could those be several gleaming crystal chandeliers
Underneath those dingy sheets lying there?
If you care to move the sofa looking for change
You may find a plethora of dust bunnies
And perhaps crumbs the mice have not nibbled.
Certianly here and there are some signs of neglect,
But you’ll note all the plants are watered regularlym
Some rewarding their care with magnificent blossoms!
And yes, there are mirrors, upon mirrors I must say

Reflecting more than just light all about
And if you should look in them
Something may not seem quite right:
The images respond just a bit too slow
Not quite in sync with their doppleganger.
A fact perhaps disturbing to some
But I like to think they’re just taking their time,
Which is what you should do too,
Especially now that you’ve managed to find yourself at home.