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Dear Friend, The Stargazer

It seems odd to me
that you would fix your fate
upon some distant star, my friend.
It troubles me
to see you struggle so
flailing about without balance,
reaching for an impossible height,
to feel its supposed warmth across cold space.
I worry.
This journey you say you are on,
is it really worth what you are doing to yourself?
I mean,
have you looked in the mirror as of late?
The pale complexion that opposes me,
that once looked like you,
is void of life's broad colors.
I worry.
I don't see any light in your eyes
that sparkles like that star.
Yet you claim it's yours,
that you alone possess it.
I have to wonder who owns who,
and what is what that's owned.
The only thing I see is the extent
that you have left yourself behind.
I worry.
I fear that your star,
like Icarus,
is going to fall from the heavens someday.
Then where will you be?