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To Sip or Not to Sip

To Sip or Not to Sip
True genius
is not found
in a bottle of wine.
That I know.
For no matter how aged
the flavor is,
it remains corked.
But the perception most popular
in the modern mythology,
is that a soul,
as dark as the coffee it drinks
is worth tasting.
Fermented grapes
or coffee beans,
that is the question nowadays.
Such attempts one makes
at otherworldly osmosis.
To make a life
from the product of the little person,
who’s out there picking fruits
or plucking beans
with their nibble little fingers:
it is hard work
to brew another man’s pleasure
(especially on slave labor wages).
Wallow well then
and savor every sip
“ Mmm. A very good year”
“ Ahh! Good to the last drop.”
on the other hand,
prefer to avoid such issues,
and the misdirection of selections.
drink pure water.
Never filtered.
That will not do.
Oh, no!
From a natural spring source,
Of course.