I am an artist. Art is the language of life. I love utilizing the senses, words, sounds, and visual forms to interpret the world and communicate meaning through a variety of methods. I can call myself a multimedia artist, writer, performer, director, photographer, videographer, editor, lyricist, creative consultant, coach, choreographer, designer, event planner, producer, and Jack-of-Many Trades. The key is to enjoy doing it and to do one's best to do it well.

I am interested in consciously celebrating the diversity that life offers. I enjoy pointing out unusual synchronicities and playing with how different elements can be connected in profound or entertaining ways. My art often examines archetypes of universal interest, balances humor with tragedy, includes sensory delights, and engages the mind along with the heart.

I feel it is a responsibility in this era to present work that not only "looks good", but is meaningful as well - often with socio-political and queer empowered themes. When I create, I try to construct a world I want to spend more time inhabiting, and one that viewers would gain from by investigating further.

In addition to creating my own artwork, I operate as a freelance multimedia artist and creative consultant. I am often hired by artistic peers to direct, produce and/or document live events, organize their lives for accessing more creativity, or designing video and/or graphic elements for their work.

"I am a creative and spiritual re-evolutionary, here to explore the known and unknown worlds with art and soul, sharing the results in a responsible and engaging manner."

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Photo: Tony Coehlo - 2014




"Red Lights" photo: Lesley Moon

I was born and raised in a rural community just outside of Iowa City, Iowa. I hold a BA double majoring in Film & Media Production and Theatre Arts, with an emphasis in writing and directing. After moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the movie industry, I worked as an assistant in the Art Department of several films and television shows. From there I discovered a more immediate interest in multimedia art forms.

Having held positions both backstage and onstage, in front of and behind camera, and with various professional administrative responsibilities I feel I've gained a rather unique and well-rounded experience in the entertainment industry.

As a creative consultant and freelance artist, I take commissions and seek grants for continuing artistic endeavors. Please check out my consulting page for more information on the various services I offer.


I trained for 7 years under the mentorship of Rachel Rosenthal as a performance theatre artist, with a focus on various improvisational forms. I honed my art in an unusual underground troupe called The Invisible Theater. I often combine performance techniques with intense visual images, movement, spoken word, music, and multimedia. My work usually balances humor with tragedy, includes sensory delights, presents subjects of archetypal interest, and engages the mind along with the heart.

I'm a passionate writer. My studies and training include fiction, non-fiction, poetry, stage script and screenwriting. I am particularly fond of writing lyrics to a wide variety of songs.

My visual art includes works of digital photography, graphic design, collage, watercolor & acrylic painting, sculpture, mixed media assemblages, and installations.

As a video designer and director, I shoot, edit and design video for both traditional movie viewing and live performance applications.




"The Artist Kills Self to Create Self" Photo: Brad Hadsall



Photo: Don Tinling

I am a life-artist, taking to heart the philosophy that life is the art. By nurturing artistic energy in one's personal life and experiencing life endeavors through a creative process, one is celebrating actively with the Universe. I am interested in a protean approach to a variety of art forms to further illuminate the journey. Sharing is a key factor in the completion of a creative act, whether it be with audience large or small, human or otherwise, for all life forms hold a type of consciousness that connects to the greater whole and we benefit by being open to, for, and with it.

Another artistic life path is the exploration into the healing properties and transformational potentialities of sacred space, ritual, meditation, reiki energy, touch, tantra, yoga and other health-conscious lifestyles.

There is a progression towards understanding ancient ways and shamanic customs with a modern reverence born of experience and scientific correlation. The fusion and collaboration between the artistic, technological, and spiritual realms which honor the Earth and the natural world are essential for our survival in the future. We can take the best of the past with the best of the modern world to create the best future, but we need to engage ourselves in a dialogue about what currently is not benefiting the entire web of life and actively change harmful modes of extremism and instability into one of sustainable balance.

I pursue new possibilities. Let the ReEvolution ReBegin!