The Legacy Garden Installations

The Legacy Garden is a site-specific installation series with the intention of inviting visitors to connect with gay history in a unique manner while honoring individuals and groups who have contributed to that history. Various stations are created with garden plants and botanticals mixed into assemblages of re-used/re-purposed/re-envisioned furniture pieces, found objects, and photographs.

The photographic series below is from its original incarnation in May 2009 at the "California Men's Gathering 64: Men For All Ages."
Future installations are planned that would vary based on location, different materials gathered, and collaborating assembly artists.

Thanks to the numerous and wonderful volunteers of the CMG for their donation of time, materials, and funding to make it possible.
In particular Blu, Randy, Barry, Buzz, Dan, Eric, Robbie, Ben~Andy, Dave, & many others.


A view of the garden space from the north end


The wide view of the garden



A window pane of US gay rights activists:
Harry Hay, Pedro Zamora, Bayard Rustin, & Harvey Milk


African American Writers of the early 20th Century



A mirror altar honoring drag queens & flamboyant performers


An old wagon cart honoring Walt Whitman among others...



A miniature proscenium stage for theatrical greats like:
Vaslav Nijinsky, Alvin Ailey, Rudolf Nureyev



And behind the stage, famous playwrights & producers like:
Oscar Wilde, Thorton Wilder, Diaghilev, Lorca, Joe Orton, & Noel Coward



Theatrical personalities Peter Allen & Michael Bennett


Musical composers: Cole Porter, Ivor Novello, & Tchaikovsky




Honoring composers and writers


An armchair fireplace with legacy garden guidebook




Honoring Native American Two-Spirits


Grab a parasol while viewing the garden




Honoring Asian & Middle Eastern Gay Greats

Lantern luminaries for pioneering gay rights activists (pictured: Karl Heinrich Ulrichs)



Altar for modern& contemporary gay artists

Classical artists & painters