The Legacy Garden Installations

The Legacy Garden is a site-specific installation series with the intention of inviting visitors to connect with gay history in a unique manner while honoring individuals and groups who have contributed to that history. Various stations are created with assemblages of re-envisioned furnature pieces, found objects, botanicals, and photographs.


"Different" by Paul Manchester greets visitors



Photo of 1/2 the main gallery space




A few of the reception attendees


Jason with his piece "Along Came the Spyders"




Sky poses with some of her artwork



Art imitating life? Or life imitating art?




"Buddy Buddha" above some of Clint Steinhauser's "Fallic Phunghi"



Derrick admires the wild anotomies in Amir Bahadori's "Adam & Eve"




The entrance to the Gallery Cubicle



Krys Fox's photography along the back gallery




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