photos: Martin Ledford


by Jason Jenn - copyright 2007

You've traveled a long way to get here dear friends,
But you have quite a journey before you reach the end.
Listen close and you'll know what you should do
With a little bit of luck you might make it through.
Unshackle your hearts – toss your troubles behind,
But look out! It's our intention to play with your mind!
Hold on to your hopes , get over your fears,
Remember your loves and the lessons of tears.




For all those experiences we'll add to our mix
With a sprinkle of sparkle we'll unveil our tricks.
Your wishful intentions are gathered right here,
But just how they’ll manifest is never quite clear.
Concocting our potion of unusual stories,
Some will be sad and some will share glories,
You might call us mad and a bit frivolous,
For our magical cauldron is bubbling with bliss!

Tales of, sorcery, mystery, debauch’ry, and sin
All kinds of commotion are churning within.
Our passions , our poisons and all our delusions
The glitter of crystal such pretty illusions
The sweat of slaves - the blood of soldiers,

Ashes of ancestors, and yes, the semen of lovers

All of it now goes into our brew
From out of the old, we’ll make something new.
This ancient science is more of an art
So we’ll give it our all with spirit and heart
Forget everything ever that you have been told
We're here to transform more than lead into gold.
Who knows how long our world will keep turning,
Yet nothing can change unless the fires are burning.




Despite human intellect – we must confess
The battles outside reflect our inside mess
With so many dogmas locked in contention
The truth is beyond our own comprehension
No one is right, when everything’s wrong*
And the process for curing is delicate and long
Still we seek to find belief in something quite other,
So tonight we’ll place our faith in the hands of our brothers.

Now you're here - now you're ours - now it’s time we begin,
Invisible Theater’s Alchemy...Between...Men...






* It is important for me to note that while the song was written specifically to introduce the all-male Invisible Theater's production - the song is adaptable to fit other occasions. For example, I alter the lyrics to to fit a "divine mother" motif - changing some words to fit the feminine possessive like "-For all those experiences SHE'll add to the mix..." etc. and most notably a shift in the intention and meaning of the final lines to "Everything is right, nothing is wrong / And the process for curing is delicate and strong / Still we seek to find belief in something quite other / So tonight we place our faith in the hands of our Mother...(Earth, Nature, Gaia, or other personifications).


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