What if Tony Bennett, Confucius, Aesop, and Oscar Wilde were able to collaborate on a cabaret act?

It might look something like
“Songs & Stories For Our Days: An Unorthodox Spiritual Cabaret"

A provocative and uplifting evening of words and original a cappella music by Jason Jenn, exploring both the joys and challenges of living in such a complex modern world where dog fights are nothing compared to devastating dogma wars.

Jason becomes a modern day troubador utilizing the one-man cabaret singing and story-telling format to deliver a curious examination of various universal and spiritual themes, eschewing any one particular religious path.

The aim is to alchemically stir the soul and journey from chaos towards bliss. Sublime images are painted in the mind’s eye through the power of words and melodies over theatrical artifice and illusion.




"Songs & Stories For Our Days" was originally performed in a rough draft version in Iowa City, Iowa on August 7, 2011.

The "final" version was staged for 6 shows in January of 2012 at Spirit Studio Silverlake.

An encore presentation is slated for April 2012. In addition a cross-country tour is underway.


Special Thanks to:

The Holy Spirit LA Community:
especially Randy, Roberta, Jim, Cathy, Walter, & Steve