Confessional explores how the internet and reality television have altered the sincerity and intimacy of making confessions. It is also a truthful examination of certain aspects of Jason Jenn's personal life, in particular his relationship to the concepts of angels and devils.

The performance begins with a video projection of candles being lit and Jason as a talking head narrating his confession. Meanwhile, Jason appears live on stage, dressed all in white, a golden laurel wreath on his head, holding feathers in his hands.



Jason explains to camera filled with candles: "I have a confession to make...I fu%&ed up."

On stage: Jason throws the white feathers up in the air.

On Camera: Jason proclaims "Can anybody say, drama queen? Well, I am a performance artist, you came to see a Peep Show, so drama and candles are to be expected!"

Jason continues to explain his religious upbringing and the development of his own spiritual beliefs, that included a Messianic Complex. He blames it on movies like Star Wars with story lines about needing to be the "chosen one".

"Who doesn't want to be Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter, or Neo from the Matrix?"


Meanwhile On Stage: Jason is collecting up the fallen feathers, and eventually stuffs his mouth full of them, until finally choking, he vomits them onto the floor. Soon he removes his flowing white sash and golden laurels, leaving them behind on the floor with the feathers to move toward a black fabric on the opposite side of the stage.

On Video: Jason reveals how having a video camera and making movies since he was a teen fed his alienation by mediating life through the robotic lens and exerting control by directing friends in movies. Everyone wants to be on television. But when video access becomes more common and the internet allows access for all with YouTube, Jason shifts his attention.



Confessional goes on to explore the more "devilish" side that we all possess. Jason opens a chest onstage and slips into more sexy garb - while on video he expresses the world's obsession with sex and image and his own tangled relationship with it.

Ultimately Jason live on stage confronts the big talking head of video projected Jason - as if confronting Ego and confessing he yearns to be more human than ever before.


Confessional was performed Aug 7 & 8, 2009

at Highways Performance Space