"Convercukoo" is the unconventional title given to a duet that merges two solo performances, "Conversion" by Nathalie Broizat and "American Cukoo" by Jason Jenn.

It was first performed at Espace DBD as part of a "solo collision" exercise in The Rachel Rosenthal Company studio on March 29, 2004.

It was restaged as a full performance on July 3, 2004
at Dangerous Curve, art gallery and performance space.




"Convercukoo" is a tongue-in-cheek comment on the roles of masculine and feminine energies at play in current world events. It applies the global scale to the microcosm of a man and a woman preparing for their wedding day.

The masculine character begrudingly prepares for the nuptials: drinking beer and soon casually smashing a carton of eggs, symbolic of feminine fertility and the mother spirit.



The discovery of a mysterious pink egg sets of a series of unusual events, which leads the masculine into a fit, where he is soon squawking like a chicken.

The feminine sings a twisted operatic statement on American politics, as the masculine gets dressed into a pink tuxedo for their wedding.

In the end, a resolution has been made, and the masculine, finally respecting the feminine succeeds in saving the one final egg from his destructive fit, inspiring hopeful future prospects for life.