The Invisible Theater is a group of talented and spiritual men dedicated to producing performance based upon universal themes and archetypes. For 10 years the troupe made the invisible realms visible for one incredible weekend around the Autumnal Equinox at an intimate rustic setting in Sierra Madre, California. After seeing their 5th year production with the theme of The Zodiac Signs, I knew I had to get involved. Since then I have created joyously with this incredible community. It is one of Los Angeles' best kept secrets (for now), producing shows that are quite sacred, sometimes a bit wild and campy, but always very memorable theatrical experiences for audience and participants alike. It has been a highlight of my life to be a member.

2007 - Alchemy Between Men (see separate page for details)

2006 - Dreams & Desires

2005 - A Hero's Journey

2004 - Men & The Animal Spirits Within Them

2003 - Faerie Tales: Retouched





2006 - Dreams & Desires

IT decided to take on the world of dreams in another collaborative story arc following several characters through a related story-line of varied parts. We jokingly disregarded our usual spiritual ventures, and pretended that the usual yearly play had now became the launch party for "IT Incorporated." We unveiled to our invited group of investors (our audience) the game-changing technological break-through we developed called The Dream Machine! Certain to bring in major revenues as we give men the opportunity to enter consciously their dream space. "If you can't live your dreams, live IN your dreams." We show off our Dream Machine's ability to play out men's desires, but things don't go as planned...the dream world becomes a nightmare - forcing IT to end its attempt to manipulate the uncontrollable and to return to its reverent beginnings.

In the scene that was my focused responsibility, I got to explore some wild territory, paying homage to my childhood hero, Carmen Miranda and having fun while expressing my immense sorrow with the modern day food monoculture and products made with corn! Being from Iowa I have strong feelings about our current agricultural practices and use of GMO's occurring.

In the story the lead Scientist and Director of Security enter The Dream Machine in order to fix a strange problem that seems to be going on. I began the piece as a Golden Idol creating ritual with a group of natives that the two figure watch unfold. I possess a very macho, masculine presence at first. But just as the Scientist thinks he has control of the situation, my character assumes control - turning the scene on its head - literally as when a big hat made of corn is placed on my head and I become "Corn-Man Miranda." I set my tribe on the two and sing a campy song while dancing around and presenting some startling images with corn that express the delimma with our modern day technology thinking it has control over the realm of nature. By the end of the piece the Director of (in)Security becomes wrapped up and trapped in a massive clothsline of jeans (someone had a dream with those types of images) and the Scientist becomes sacrificed - slathered with butter, salted, and eaten by the corn tribe (again another image from someone's dream). It was simply the most fun piece to create and perform.

"You market, you modify, your greed is so grand,
but the road to Nirvana is not in a brand! "




2005 - A Hero's Journey


The group achieved great heights of storytelling this year by creating a masterful collaboration that placed the audience in a journey following a single character and his heroic story arc. A journey frought with great adventure, daunting perils, inflated egos, destructive forces, and ultimately a wise revelation. The show was a phenomenial success.

The various elements of the show were created from visions obtained from yoga-like meditative postures. I created a piece based upon the images I had of a tribe of snake people, a magical flute, and fireflies. Some colorful costumes were made that basically looked like 2 rainbow colored pythons wrapped around the naked body - an homage to double-headed serpent Gods throughout the ancient world. A sensual dance was choreographed with 3 other dancers in similar garb.

In my collaborative section of the story, The Hero barely escapes a group of sirens that tempt him with empty promises and caddy comments. He sails through them and spots a magical object he was told to find gleaming at the bottom of the ocean. He dives in to get it, but discovers it is attached to a shadowy figure that comes alive to protect it. They wrestle, but eventually the Hero realizes he cannot defeat his own shadow, but must embrace it to receive the flute.

He journeys with the flute into a dark and forboding forest but upon playing the flute to ease his fears within the darkness, he attracts the company of little glowing fireflies and he can see in the darkness. But his playing the flute also attracts some scary looking snake creatures with glowing red eyes. The fireflies encourage him to continuing playing the flute - thereby taming the snakes. The Snake People reveal themselves as a positive force, and help the Hero to overcome his fears, blessing him with a magical vision of wholeness and integration after they bite his 7 chakra points - as if infusing them him a medicinal venom of insight that would help him in the journey ahead.

The evening was filled with many colorful characters: Sal Mander, A Singing Vagina (as portal to another realm), Stripper Clowns, A Tango Dancer, Sea Sirens, The Devil, The Color-Eater (a massive Bacchian character, who later becomes the Destroyer -a dancing skeleton).

Photo: Don Tinling





2004 - The Spider

A collaboration with Federico Hewson, in which the two of us begin the piece as separate entities. Federico as a spider spirit that represents the future and possibility. Myself as a fly caught in the web of disturbing past events. My woes of the past are symbolically eaten by the potential of the future, and the energy of my lifeforce is reborn as a spider spirit alongside him. The idea of transformation in nature's process. Together we weave the web of life, joining forces in the all-powerful present.

The piece was set to some beautiful Ravi Shankar Sitar music, culminating in a sensual dance in which our bodies come together, Federico climbing on top Jason's back to create an eight-legged spider entity and other performers to help us weave the web.

"This is the world we weave together."




2003 - The Frog Prince

I performed this serio-comic monologue based loosely on the story of the Frog Prince. It begins comical, as the effeminate frog has found someone's beloved ball. He asks the audience who will claim it, and who in return, would take home the frog and love him. From there parallels are made between a relationship with a frog, and that of human behavior.

Would you still kiss the frog knowing he eats flies? Would you worry about slime between his toes? Would you mind the croaking in his sleep?

During the process I strip bare out of the frog costume, and then assume princely attire - finally removing the mask and all elements of the frog. "Was it love that changed the frog into a prince, or was he always a prince, and it merely required you to possess the eyes of love for you to see it so?"


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