Another take on the classic myth of Narcissus.

Titled Blue Narcissus for both the color scheme of the lighting as Narcissus becomes the water and for the sad mood that this Narcissus finds himself in at the beginning of the piece.

A tale of sorrow, finding inner beauty and acceptance of self, but choosing to leave society behind for the pursuit of self-love.





Narcissus cries, clawing at his face.
Two figures in mirrored masks unfold a roll of reflective mylar material which scatters watery reflections of light across the room.
Narcissus steps forward to his reflection, scared at first, but falling in love with his image - and embracing himself.
The mirror masked entities give him lipstick, then a pink ruffled shirt, and red feather boa - the articles of vanity.
Narcissus steps into the water - the reflective mylar rises up.
Finally, the mylar flips over, and Narcissus is found lying on his back seeing his reflection above him, now below the surface of the water drowning.

This piece is dedicated to my cousin who in ended his young life by drowning the same week that this piece was conceived.


Jason Jenn, Stephen Levine, Clint Steinhauser

First performed at ESPACE DBD as part of "Metamorfauves" on August 4, 5, 11, & 12, 2006.

"In Jason Jenn’s meditative BLUE NARCISSUS, a long role of Mylar beautifully lit the room with reflections to create the pool of water that Narcissus gazes into and eventually submerges in. Jenn’s quiet, peaceful body portrays the inner psychology of the character."
- from a review by Kelly Hargraves -