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Founded in 2002, is managed and maintained by the design, artistry, and philosophy of Jason Jenn. The site serves as home base to his company, ReEvolutionary Productions. The web interface design is somewhat simple, in hopes to organize a vast system of information, concepts and art without too much confusion.


Bees communicate by means of chemical messages, touch, sound, and in the case of honeybees, a symbolic dance language called the waggle dance. Thus, the series of emails and updates for Hive World events is called The Hive World Waggle Dance Dispatch!








Hive World associates itself with the most positive qualities of the honeybee (apis mellifera), an entity responsible for the pollination of flowering plants worldwide. 1/3 of the food we eat is dependent upon bee pollination. Similarly artists involve themselves in creative pollination; opening their minds like flower blossoms, working diligently and with community to share ideas and visions, and nourishing society with rich creative honey.

Bee and hive metaphors can be found throughout history in various cultures, but this site has no affiliation with other religious institutions or art organizations that use similar imagery. They are universal symbols with important messages!

Hive World is about the expression of individuals in communion with each other - more a philosophical way of bee-ing and thinking than set form. While, like all things, there is a shadow side to the “hive mentality,” this site aims to focus on the most benevolent aspects of creative and spiritual pollination.


Honeybees are currently under threat by Colony Collapse Disorder, a condition that affects the immune system of the bees and has already wiped out much of the population. There are many theories as to the cause of CCD, and although some evidence has come out recently as to the source, it is still under fierce debate.

One thing is certain: we humans must take responsibility for the environmental impact. The human-made creation of any new chemical, technology, system, etc. directly tampers with the delicate balance and web of life. As humans create and release synthetics into the world, we see declines in the diversity of natural life on this planet. We forget to honor and revere nature in the name of progress, which is really just human egocentricity, indifference, and greed in action.

It comes down to whether or not we appreciate the natural world over our new modified "life-forms." Our human-made creations are replacing the natural ones, without really thinking about the ramifications for our own survival as well. The collapse of bee colonies is a strong sign to pay attention to the imbalance we are imposing upon the world and a call to restore balance.



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