ABOUT ReEvolutionary Productions

ReEvolutionary Productions has been owned and operated by Jason Jenn in Los Angeles since 2001.

ReEvolutionary Productions is a multimedia arts production company with the aim to manifest diverse creations in unique and innovative ways for the sake of entertaining, inspiring personal transformation, exploring new realms of artistic possibility, and/or awakening greater reverent awareness.



WHAT ReEvolution means:

The word ReEvolutionary combines revolutionary with evolutionary creative cycles.

Revolutions are cycles of a period of time (like the planet around the sun) as well as momentous changes in life ("you say you want a revolution..."). But because the upheaval of modalities in the past has often resulted in violence, it joins with the concept of evolution so that it can grow beyond the current paradigm and reach toward the new era in a non-violent and conscientious manner.

Evolution in physical, metaphysical, psychological, and philosophical ways are the expressions of Life's art over time. Life is in a constant state of transformation at an increasing rate on this planet due to human involvement
- with both positive and negative ramifications.

ReEvolutionary Productions aims to explore and create within this dynami

ReEvolutionary Productions is a metaphor.