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Jason Jenn's Multimedia Performance Art Reel

Celebrating performances between 2002-2007

All images are taken from original works, either created solo or in collaboration with fellow performers. For more details on the performances seen, visit:
Jason Archives: Performance







Clips from the one-man show based on the poetry of James Broughton.



"Wondrous the Merge"

A special James Broughton poem about meeting the love of his life, Joel Singer. Part of the staged reading in tribute to James & Joel called "Behold the Bridegrooms Revisited" performed as part of the City of West Hollywood's One City One Pride LGBTQ Arts Festival. Accompanied by David Mergen on cello and Atasiea dancing.



"ASH - Axis Mundi"

One of my favorite performance art pieces - in tribute to the spirit of the trees. Part of the tree-themed show "ARBORETUM" with Fauve Conspiracy under the artistic direction of Rachel Rosenthal in 2006.



"The Myth of Snowflakes"

Another all time favorite performance art pieces - a queer tale of forbidden love, regret, and going against conformity.



Jason Jenn's "Ode to the Divine Fool"

Performing the original spoken word piece with music by Abe Holzmann at PLANET QUEER in June 2013


"Hermes Bringer of Heats"
from James Broughton's
"Hymns to Hermes"

Performance after the "Big Joy" screening in San Francisco at FAETOPIA in June 2013



"Dreamed & Quartered"

Performance piece from "Planetary Delights" performed at Highways Performance Space in 2006.



Love & P's:
Peace, Poetry, Puppets, Performance Party
@ The Pollination Pavilion


Select highlights of the performances and photographs from the Puppet making Lab during the two day celebration on Feb. 12 & 13, 2010.





Phenomenal World Performance Party
Grand Opening of The Pollination Pavilion


Select highlights from the performances from the two-day celebration on Aug. 21-22, 2009.




3volution (theReEvolution)

Select highlights from the wild, sensory exploration of humanity and evolution of life, philosophy, and science on the planet.

For more information about this production visit the detailed tour here: